Viewport Scale Factors


Setting Plotted Drawing Scale Within a Viewport

In Autocad, this office draws in Model Space, in actual scale, and then uses different Viewports, in Paper Space, to create drawings that vary in plotted scale.

After creating a viewport, in PS, the ACAD user will make the viewport active (by double-clicking within it) and then taking the following actions:

Type the command "ZOOM" and then, at the command prompt, type in the number "1" over the appropriate scale factor followed by the letters "xp"

For example, to set up a viewport for drawing a 1/4"=1'-0" scale drawing, you would type in the following sequence of characters:

z; 1/48xp

Upon creating the appropriately scaled viewport, a corresponding text style and dimension style must be incorporated so that the plotted text height and appearance of dimension line elements is consistent across the drawing, from viewport to viewport.

For a complete list of scale factors and corresponding text and dimension styles, refer to this chart.

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